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ugg hat|ugg mini sale ugg hat,ugg mini sale,uggs canada,ugg purses,womens uggs cheap,uggs on 16 says she feels relieved Marilou AllenCoogan says that throughout the different stages of the Jodi Arias trial, jurors were always respectful of one another, but, during deliberations, things got heated.The 52yearold works as a nurse. When AllenCoogan is not at the hospital, she is home with her family. But at the start of the year, all of that changed.On television it seemed all anyone could talk about was Arias. But the jury didn know the attention the case was getting."We did have an inkling and it was just that, an inkling," said AllenCoogan.Inside chambers, bonds formed fast."They were very independent, intelligent, thoughtful people on that jury. It surprised me how quickly we could all, all 18 of us form this incredible respect and friendship," said AllenCoogan.When it came time to start making decisions, AllenCoogan said the process the jury used was incredibly methodical. She said throughout the different stages of the case, jurors were always respectful of one another; however, during deliberations, things did get heated many times.In the end, the jury convicted Arias of firstdegree murder. But when it came time to decide her punishment, the group couldn come to a unanimous decision."Mitigating circumstances are very personal. It not something that has to be proven by the defendant. It something you feel based on you past, your conscience, your thought process and your heart that could warrant leniency and mercy," said AllenCoogan.Although AllenCoogan voted for the death penalty, she said she respects the decisions of the four jurors who did not."I don think anybody has the right to be angry with them or spew hatred on them because they voted their conscience," said AllenCoogan.AllenCoogan said she prays another jury can be seated and that those individuals are as dedicated as the jury she sat on. The boy was taken to a trained nurse to locate any evidenceMore > Not the Cheapest, But the Best discount UGG Outlet boots Stores Here Discount of 50%. 100% Quality assurance,follow me to come to our cheap UGGs Outlet .uggs canada,ugg purses,womens uggs cheap,uggs on.